Swiss iceberg mineral water, marine collagen extract, stem cell activating agent, yeast extract, compound growth factor HGH, resveratrol, nanogold, pentayl peptide Matrix, six peptides Argireline, gold nanoparticles, active calcium, sodium carbonate, Over 150 minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and silver ions


With multiple effects, can be taken orally! Can be sprayed outside! Outer jet main cosmetic effect: instead of plastic surgery, no pain to change the face, spray a spray compact, enhance, face-lift, peel, remove some of the fake wrinkles and fine wrinkles, and then spray whitening skin, skin, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory Deeply activated cells! Easy to achieve natural health anti-aging, acne acne, whitening and moisturizing, improve skin color, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, eye bags black eye circles, remove neck lines, breast lift, reduce stretch marks, break down toxins, shrink pores and other effects.


The first time to use four for a course of treatment:
1, the first month to use two, each morning, the middle and late each spray 1, each time spray 4 (shaping period);
2, the second month to use a, Each morning and evening spray 1 time, each time 3 spray (protection period);
3, the third month to use a, every morning and evening spray 1, 3 times each (consolidation period);
4, wash After the net face, use the sprayer to face the face for about 15 cm, so that the product is evenly distributed on the face in a mist, without the need for hand tapping, let the product absorb naturally.


Natural Health anti-aging, Freckle acne, Whitening Moisturizing, Improve skin color, Sterilize anti-inflammatory