Dermal stem cell oxygenation factor (involved in cell regeneration), Centella asiatica extract, Swiss iceberg mineral water Swiss Vityl plant active peptide, bioceramic coral algae, hyaluronic acid, high-energy protease activator, allantoin, vitamin B3, olive polyphenols, arbutin plant essence, marine minerals, living cell complex, etc.


The cream is moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing all day. Even in dry environment, it can lock the skin's moisture for a long time and stabilize the skin's natural barrier. Sunscreen isolation ingredients can protect the skin from UV damage, instantly brighten the skin color, plain face can also shine, and can maintain skin moist, elastic and glossy for a long time, prevent UV-induced cell damage, enhance the skin's anti-UV defense, reduce the chance of black spots formation.


Every morning, after cleansing and softening.Apply appropriate amount evenly to the entire face, point it on the forehead, cheeks and chin, then massage in circles until fully absorbed.


Live cell regeneration anti-aging technology mask

7 slices