Swiss Iceberg Mineral Water, Nicotinamide, Centella Astratica Extract, POLYGONUM CUSPIDATUM Extract, SCUTELLARIA BAICALENSIS Root Extract, CAMELLIA SINENES Leaf Extract, GLYCY RRHIZA GLABRA Root extract, CHRYSANTHELLUM INDICUM extract, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS extract, sodium hyaluronate, Acacia Senegal gum.


It is suitable for all skin types. The mild botanical formula includes children and pregnant women. It combines a variety of botanical essences and effects formulas. It combines the multiple functions of moisturizing beauty, deep repair, live beauty and meticulous protection.
1. Long-term water retention: long-lasting moisturizing, restore skin water and oil balance, non-sticky, not dry, instant soft skin texture, to solve the lack of water in the face dry, wrinkles and dead skin pile up phenomenon, back to the young girl's tender Smooth soft skin feel. Deep yellow, dark and tired skin, loose and sluggish "Huanglian Po" savior.
2, sedative and anti-allergic repair: especially suitable for skin allergy, peeling, dry, itching, red, hormones face outbreak period, beauty salons after the treatment of skin keratinocyte damage after the first aid, do not give any burden and stimulation of the skin, bactericidal anti-inflammatory , Soothing calm, rapid invigoration of skin self-repair; especially when changing seasons, the skin is particularly unstable in place of conventional skin care products to protect the fragile skin.
3, anti-aging protection skin: tough skin, help the skin to form anti-oxidation protective film, regain skin health mechanisms to prevent aging. Filled with nasolabial folds, fine lines, dry lines and other signs of aging.


1. Apply a proper amount of this product to the face and neck evenly after lotion every morning and evening.
2. Can be used alone, can also be used before other day and night cream, can help its absorption.
3. Men who use after shaving can also help reduce allergies.


Long-lasting water lock, sedative and anti-allergy repair, anti-aging protective skin