Effectively tightens loose skin, promotes lax contours, smoothes up the microwave, enhances delicate skin, eliminates dark yellowing and other problems, and leaves skin moist and radiant.


"The first step: First, clean the operating part. The second step: After connecting the power, press the button in the middle of the host to start. The third step: After the boot, adjust the depth of the probe on the handle, the energy can be coated with medium before operation, ( As shown in the figure, the energy is first adjusted from the lowest gear at the beginning of operation, the energy is 0-9J, a circular knob above the handle can adjust the depth of the probe, the maximum depth is 4.5mm. Apply media to the operating area and apply media to the probe. During the operation, the probe should be placed close to the skin. During the operation, the media should be absorbed by the skin to complete the supplemental medium. Step 5: Operate according to the condition of the face. Time, the general face operation time is 30-45 minutes.Step 6: After the operation is completed, clean the face and operate the probe (please see the manual for details)


Effectively tightens loose skin, promotes relaxation and refines skin