Facial: Facial lifting/tightening/rejuvenation/reducing pores/improving wrinkles/stimulating collagen regeneration;Eyes: Improve dark circles / bags under the eyes / Lighten eye wrinkles / Lifting of eye corners.


Rotate the head, pull the head out of the handle, and open the handle head to inject the cosmetic liquid. 1.Turn the instrument off and on. Plug the instrument power cord into the external network. Press the power button on the lower left corner of the main unit. The instrument is powered on. 2, set the level of RF adjustment: continuous click on the energy level button (accompanied by a key tone), you can cycle to increase the energy level, range 1-3, step is 1, the default energy level is 1. Vibration adjustment: continuously click on the energy level button (accompanied by the key tone), you can increase the energy level cyclically, the range is 0-3, the step is 1, the default energy level is 1 Tip: The operation adjustment principle is from low to high, the first time Use as low a level as possible. 3. The handle is started/closed. Click the confirmation key on the handle, the handle enters the working state; click the handle confirm key again, the handle enters the standby state; 4, handle level adjustment When the handle is in the standby state, press the handle at the back of the two energy level keys (the same function with the two keys on the host), you can adjust the RF and vibration, to facilitate the operator to adjust the machine at any time ; 5.After the shutdown operation is completed, press the confirmation key on the handle to put the handle into the standby state and click the power button. (Please see the manual for details)


Facial lift, tighten skin, rejuvenate skin, reduce pores, improve wrinkles