Rose essence, alpine water.


The natural small molecule structure penetrates moisture, prevents melanin deposition, relieves skin dullness, and improves skin brightness. Covers a powerful water film, replenish water quickly, moisturizes deeply, deepens into skin's bottom layer, and locks moisture in layers. The use of modern advanced distillation technology to extract natural rose essence, pure and gentle, penetrates the skin, invigorates the skin cells, makes the skin firm and elastic, and reproduces the young luster. A touch of rose aroma from romantic Bulgaria, relax and relieve stress.


Apply even amount of rose water to the face and neck, gently massage till absorbed. It can quickly penetrate into the skin's bottom layer, replenish the endless water and nutrition, so that the skin can always maintain moisture, full of luster.


Prevent melanin deposition, relieve skin dullness, improve skin brightness