Swiss Iceberg Mineral Water SwissVitylTM Plant Active Peptide Porcelain White Coral Algae Hyaluronic Acid High-Energy Protease Activator Allantoin Vitamin B3 Olive Polyphenol Arbutin Plant Extract Marine Minerals Living Cell Complex.


The hyaluronic acid rich in silky masks of cosmeceuticals continuously infuses moisture into the deeper layers of the skin; plant active peptides strengthen the skin's moisture channels, leaving the skin moist and plump. Antioxidant ingredients such as mineral water, marine minerals, and living cell complexes derived from Swiss icebergs purify the skin and remove harmful oxides to regain skin's luster and brightness.


1. Clean the face with clean water;
2, open the bag and gently remove the mask;
3, gently apply the mask on the face, gently press the finger to make the mask close to the face;
4, enjoy 25-30 minutes, please remove the mask by hand;
5, the mask for the disposable mask, can also be used to clean the face with water.


The Hyaluronic Acid Rich in Silk Mask is continuously injecting moisture into the skin