1. The unique triple helix structure of collagen peptide can strongly lock 30 times of water, make the skin moist, luster, and delicate; in addition, it can achieve whitening by inhibiting the production of melanin.
2. After the collagen peptide enters the skin, it can repair the elastic fiber web that breaks and ages, so that the elasticity of the skin can be restored and filled with flexibility. In addition, the collagen peptide can eliminate free radicals in the body, and multi-channel anti-oxidation can slow the aging of the skin.
3. After entering the dermal tissue, collagen peptides can quickly fill up the local collapse, improve relaxation, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and smooth fine lines.
4. Collagen peptides form a calcium-adhesive grid that locks the calcium in the femur and prevents calcium loss. Can effectively repair articular cartilage, repair articular cartilage surface lubrication, reduce friction.
5. The lack of collagen, hair will dry bifurcation, collagen peptide t can nutrition hair, to solve the split ends of hair, so that the hair is moist and elastic.
6. Can change the nails dim light, yellow, broken and nail pigment precipitation and other annoyances, Si Aimi collagen peptide can make your nail surface not only smooth and bright, but also make the nail tough and difficult to break.
7. Collagen peptides can make cell adhesion more closely, speed up the metabolism, promote exfoliation of dead skin, prevent melanin from breaking down, dilute the dark spots that have formed, and make skin white and fade out.
8. Supplement collagen peptide, restore the elastic network of the dermis, make the skin more resilient, reduce and eliminate wrinkles, dark circles, red blood cells, age spots, etc., reverse the aging process


1. Oral: direct water blunt, can also be added to various beverages and foods, such as: milk, coffee, soy milk, juice, yogurt, soup, stew, rice, porridge, cakes, etc.;
2, external use: The product can be dissolved in water, egg white, milk, etc., made into a simple mask, directly photographed the face; or bathing, add collagen peptide to the bathtub; can achieve the effect of beauty skin care.


Fade fine lines, tighten whitening, anti-aging, full boobs